Transparency Anyone?

So, in looking around my studio and thinking about what I’m really working with right now, I kind of realized that I am drawn to stuff that is either transparent or translucent. Sometimes the glow that a projection gives an image can make an ordinary shot something special. Just last night I was at an event (mosaic) where they had decent projectors on good projection screens and I think I decided that this semester, that is what I’m working on. For a while now I’ve toyed with ideas of projection objects or screen objects, and now I’m at a place to really explore that. I’m not thinking anything like Tony Oursler, but more internal projections, like Ted Victoria, where you aren’t even aware of a projector all the time.

So, I’ve been playing with light, reflections, how it reacts to different materials, and what gives it that elusive quality I want. Maybe this is all just subliminal from having fantastic sky lighting in my studio.

One thought on “Transparency Anyone?

  1. Ha, we seem to be on similar wave lengths, Ben. As i was drifting into a fuzzy, dream-like state the other night, I had idea to create a peep show box…projecting something inside with peep holes looking in. not sure if i'll go ahead with it but if i do i might need your help. :]

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