what I shot…

ok, yesterday I was able to dust off the ol’ 4×5 and take a few shots. This one came out pretty well. I really think I want to focus on these little areas of wild nature that are cooped up in little pockets between developments for a while. I fiind using this kind of camera communicates a certain rugged/primitiveness very well, so I’ll have to be working on a way to balance that with the actual locations of these types of images. (If you are familiar with my panoramas, this is the same idea, but I can get into smaller areas with this setup). In other news, I’ve decided I need to be spending more time with a camera in my hand, shooting what catches my eye as opposed to just shooting towards my current project. I’ve always loved the photo a day idea, it just seems like a lot of work, but I’ll give it a shot for now. I’ll be posting an album with the first week soon. Don’t expect anything great, I don’t think I’ve ever approached photography this casually.


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