shows & reflections

The Influence and Confluence show just had its artists’ reception last weekend and will be ending shortly. I had four cyanotype works in from last summer and fall. My one reflection from seeing my work up alongside others’ is that mine is noticeably unfinished or unrefined. Its unframed, raged edges, unevenly painted….. generally not orderly. My initial reaction to this is some kind of disappointment in myself and my own work, simply comparing it to how clean and neat everything else looks next to it. However, I know part of my intention is to make the process known, and the processes I use are anything but intrinsically neat. Maybe I need to push my state of disorder far enough that my intention to leave it so is more obvious, and not just lack of skill or slacking off. I really resonated with Janine Antoni’s statement that she never wanted to get too familiar with any one process to make sure the process is really driving the results. Hearing her say that was reassuring, because up till then I had often thought it, but in a way felt guilty for not striving for technical excellence.


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