This past week I’ve been starting to try and think through something new, and some advice from Jennie (studio professor) kind of aligns with it. A lot of my work is dealing with space issues around my house. I’ve been realizing that most of my work is entirely documentary. The work is not entering or enacting anything in that space, I’m just the outsider looking in. Earlier this semester I had been trying to think more about object making, but never hit a groove, but now I plan on starting to think about work that lives in the environment I’m concerned with (perhaps a la Goldsworthy is a good place to start). Of course, this needs to be considered in light of what Jennie suggested, that the other real part of my interest lies in my process, and how that process has its own life. Maybe I’ve been playing it too safe in my photography world, staying disconnected from my subjects until after they are already recorded, and knowing that I’ll be able to get a “good picture” if I do certain things instead of letting the process rule for once. We’ll see if I can even figure out a way to let the photo process rule. Photography is all about capturing light, when all else fails, start by reducing to the most basic element.


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