Good ol’ Film

So, I’ve been thinking about process, and it struck me that I’ve been slowly building up bits and pieces of work that I more or less rejected because they were flawed in some way. Not using them for that reason just doesn’t make sense though, because it is in those flaws that the process can be seen. There are a few different kinds of old or experimental polaroids that make the list, along with some old film, and now some new film that I shot just yesterday with an awesome little camera that is basically just a box with a 120 film roller at one end and a spring loaded shutter at the other. I don’t have a film scanner at home so I’ll have to wait till saturday to have a good look at them, but I gotta say, after not shooting film for quite some time, (a much different animal from shooting on paper, and we’ll see how it effects print quality) there really is something about film that feels like magic.


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