Cool find. Yay for trashpicking

Recently in the dumpster outside my condo someone had thrown away their old big screen tv. The massive glass tube inside the body had already been removed, but what was left was the front screen. 15 minutes later and I have that screen in hand. I have no definitive plans for it yet, but I’ve been experimenting for some time now with projection and screen qualities, and it’s just nice to have a material that was engineered for awesome picture quality. Right now I’m thinking a huge touch screen, but that will take some time and learning a new program to really implement well.

In other news, I have been using up my polaroid supply (they’re only going to eventually completely worthless, so I might as well use them now). The distortion of the image and color I think speaks really strongly to the sense of loss that I’ve been zeroing in on, so as I am getting a growing number of useable prints, I need to decide on scale. I am using some good ol’ 3×3 and some mini 1×1.5 film. Something in me wants to keep it the same size, highlighting the physical materials of the process. However, some of the color and distortions could look really intense if blown up. Perhaps there needs to be a range of sizes to emphasize some different attributes.

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