writing writing writing

On page 12 of my 15-18 page paper. It’s going pretty well and I feel like I understand everything well enough that I am able to just pump it out and look in my books periodically for some good quotes. Here’s hoping that it continues this well and I finish well enough in advance to format it in Chicago style (never done it that way before) and also organize a 20 minute talk based off it.

In other news, I printed one image out fairly large (48×72). I wanted to print more, but its a non-traditional method, and I didn’t want to dump too much money towards it if it didn’t turn out too well. Printing this large (Ideally I’d be able to print twice that size) is really fairly expensive, so if anyone finds a good deal, do tell. I’ve got a book that I printed up for crit in the mail so hopefully that will be good. Anyway, it’s all coming together and I’ve got a week and a half to finish.
The rutgers Grad and alumni show will be up soon and I’ll have one work in, so stop by if you get the chance.

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