the end is near!

so, I’m on page 15 of my paper, at least 3/4 done, so I’m in good shape to finish tomorrow if all goes well which will give me a good amount of time to revise and organize my 20 minute talk. I’m actually pretty excited about that.

I’m excited about the crit too. I described the one print and now I’m getting another printed at moore that is 44×90. I do hope it turns out well. I’m kind of nervous about that. I also have a couple little books in the mail that might make it to the crit. Hopefully I’ll get them tomorrow. (packages in the mail are always great)
Tomorrow I’m dropping off work for the Generation to Generation alumni/graduate show at rutgers. I’m hoping to use a print and projection piece I’ve been experimenting with (the large 4×4 one got called off unfortunately due to lack of space). I believe the opening is may 14th, but I’ll try to post the details when I’m sure of them.
We’re almost done the semester, then off to Ireland!

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