Ok, I can breath now.

These last few weeks have been crazy with the work, papers, presentation and crit worry about, but I made it through, and everything seemed to go really well. I’m pretty happy with where my work ended up for this semester and the direction I’m going in, I’m glad I did all the reading I did for my paper, because it was all extremely pertinent to what I’ve been thinking on.
So now I’ve got a month and a half before Ireland, some time to play around and mess with some ideas I haven’t worked through yet. I also want to get a hold of some more polaroids, but that’s a tricky business since they are so unpredictable and getting so expensive ($2 per shot).
Anyway, I also really want to get on making my for real website, like, I haven’t bought that domain yet, but I plan to soon, right now I’m in the process of designing. Feel free to check it out as I work out how I want it to look.
I’m looking forward to a great summer!

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