Gallery Room Offer

Well, I was able to go to the opening for the Rutgers show. It was nice to catch up and see what their graduates are producing. While there I got an interesting offer from Bruce who runs the Hopkins House. He said if I wanted it I could have a room for the month of July to do anything I want, preferably some kind of installation I think. Wow, that’s great, the only problem is that is the month I will be totally gone. It would have to be something that my wife and he could set up without me being present. Hmmm….. I have something I’ve been thinking on that would work, but it is turning into quite a challenge to design it in such a way as to be portable and able to be set up if I’m not present. I’m gonna try and make it work still, but maybe I’ll have to ask him if there is another time that would be available. I don’t wanna force it and come out with something mediocre.


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