Getting ready

I managed to find my passport today (after a short while of frantic searching), ordered my international student card, and have been starting to collect camera related items that I know I’m bringing with me. Right now it seems that I’ll be skimping on clothes in order to bring the stuff along that I want. I’m pretty sure my classmates won’t mind if I wear the same clothes….a lot.

I was looking at google maps in the Burren area, getting a feel for the walkable terrain. I’m supper excited for the landscape, the rugged and barren rock, next to the sea.
In other news my brother and I were playing around with paper making. Its been a while for me but I remembered the process quickly and I gotta say, it is so much fun. I don’t want to come in to Ireland with preconceived notions, but I really hope I can incorporate some creative paper making!

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