The morning lecture today was on mapping, with much of the content and examples taken from the book “you are here”. I enjoyed it and think that growing up out of doors and hiking around in the wilderness gave me an appreciation for what seems like the ultimate truth of a map. Learning how to read it, navigate with it, and now make it is a fun journey. I’ll be working on a project that is mapping based over the next week, so you’ll see the kind of mapping I’m talking about.
This afternoon I decided to go up the mountain again. I took a longer way and summit-ed a smaller foothill first crossed on down to the other side most of the way and then wound up climbing  to the top from the back side. Today there was a sustained 25 mph wind on top and it was probably 10 degrees cooler.It’s amazing how beautiful and rugged the landscape is.

An ancient stone grave marker I found part way up

Cows on school grounds

The rocks and the landscape mimic one another

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