Inis Mor: Aran Islands

The Sunset from the lighthouse at the top of the island 
crashing waves and tide pools

warm sandy beaches

the view from the black fort

Riding our bikes across the island

The view from our hostel window out to the pier

The past two days we were on Inis Mor, the largest of the Aran Islands. Its an amazing landscape and we could have easily spent a week exploring it. We rented bikes for 10 euros and rode up and down the island looking for cool stuff. At the southern end we were able to climb to the base of the cliffs and found tons of tide pools that have formed in the rock (with sea urchins, anemones and other small sea life) and could watch the waves crash into the cliffs at close range. Then we went down to a beach area that really felt like it had been transplanted from the Caribbean. From there we found the black fort perched at the top of the cliffs. After dinner we biked up to the highest point on the island where a lighthouse is and watched the sunset (at about 10 pm). It was absolutely breathtaking and it made it better that we were the only ones around to enjoy it. I returned to the black fort alone today (completely alone, not a soul around) to shoot some more photos and just to take in the space on my own. It is really powerful. Back into the studio a lot this week, though we’ll be visiting a Richard Long circle and Galway on separate days. Should be fun.


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