More stuff from Aran

The table in my studio today

Inis Mor: from below the cliffs

Inis Mor: From the highest point on the island

Inis Mor: along the western coast

The Black Fort

Today was another history class and then working on an assignment for it based on mapping. I’m pretty much done and you can see it a little in the one photo, though once I’m completely done I hope to take a better photo of it. I was able to develop the large format shots I took on aran last night when we got back so today I did a preliminary scan of them all. They aren’t perfect but I love the feel of them. I think the ruggedness of the place really comes through. Tomorrow we’ll be traveling around the coast a bit to see the Richard Long circle that is hidden out in the wilderness, but right now its starting to get dark and rainy looking, and I think that may be the forecast for tomorrow, so we could get a little wet. (good thing I’ve got my rain gear).
I think the mapping assignment is a great place to start for my process since a lot of my work is a contemplation of a specific place. Right now I feel that I’ve been spending so much time out in the Burren alone and I have unrestrained access to it I think I need to use that much more. Long turned his walks into art through documentation and specific actions. I’m not real sure what to do for this yet, but I need to do some real thinking and searching, it seems right up my alley.


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