A "Long" hike in the rain

Today we were taken on a small trip in the morning to the secret location of one of Richard Long’s stone circles. We talked about issues it raised about sculpture, drawing, land, landscape, and all kinds of other elements. The more I look at his work the more I’m impressed with it and like it. After noon we came back to the school and I decided to go on another excursion alone back to the top of the mountain (called cappanawalla). I found a new way up a service road and then went the farthest northwest I could without coming down off the top. It was raining the whole time and the wind was gusting enough to be pushing me around a bit. I got a few interesting shots but my main goal was to be doing some mapping as drawing. As I went along I would stop every so often and just draw where I had walked (tapping into my inner cartographer). So, I have just a line drawing with some landmarks spelled out that I want to figure out how to present. 

Limestone pavement at the top of the mountain

Looking towards the cliffs of Mohr

Richard Long circle

Rain settling in over Ballyvaughn

Resting in my sheltered spot

The sun peaking through during a storm

All the shelters across the top of the mountain

As a side note, while I was hiking in the driving rain I stopped and took shelter a few times just to get out of the wind and I was reminded of Psalm 18:2 “my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.” Its a really great illustration made even better when I can connect it to a specific situation like this. 


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