Miniature Landscapes

Part of my work while I’m here is based off the 6 word story exercise. Basically, we were asked to create some six word stories the first couple days of being here and to make some work based of them. One that I have been struck with over and over is “I can’t appropriate an un-reproducible landscape”. After hiking around for a couple days I just was overwhelmed with the power of the land, the vistas, the details, the rock, the foliage. It is all too much to take in, how can I ever hope to capture it? That’s an inherent problem with photography, despite our best efforts, at the end of the day, you just had to be there. Its like an inside joke between the land and the photographer. So I’ve been looking for a way to address the issue, not by attempting to truly recreate the look and feel of the land in one majestic shot, but instead to use rather humble means to reproduce myriad images of the land that together form a more complete image and may allow the viewer to enter the space from multiple points, and to wander at their own pace. Right now there are 60 some odd prints but I hope to have closer to 200 by the end. There are some technical issues that make this interesting to me as well, due to limitations that the scale and printer impose. In some ways I think this makes it related to some of my recent polaroid work (if you are unfamiliar with it, go to


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