Rain, Rain on my face

Its been raining all day today. A nice, steady drizzle that’s enough to soak you through and chill you to the bone. I did go on a short exploratory walk for about an hour, wandering through some dense woods and I think I found an abandoned village I was told about. The amount of green under the forest canopy is astounding, with ferns, mosses, ivys, and the like. Anyway, I was kind of discouraged in the studio today on the whole. Spent some time printing some photos and just having a look at what my options are going forward. I want my work to fit and flow. When the viewer sees it I want them to get it and to get how I’m connecting the dots…..I don’t feel like that is happening. There are also some technological, technical hurdles that are just getting to me, wishing it were easier to make things bigger…..being generally discontented with my camera (digital). Maybe a little bit of a pitty party.
Tomorrow is a new day, and I’ll keep chipping away at it until it resembles something.
Speaking of tomorrow, we’re spending the day in Galway tomorrow, going to some galleries, studios and just generally seeing the city. It should be fun, and Tim will be our guide, who is the general Ireland artist tourguide guru.

These are each about 8×10. I don’t know my final goal with these yet, but they are just so cool I have to do something.

Anyway, the  picture is of some of the rocks that i’ve seen out on my excursions. There are two things that really strike me. The topography and makeup of the grand landscape is precisely mirrored in the individual rocks that make it up, and the rocks really are fertile. It is a rough landscape that is overflowing with plant life.


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