The pub where I waited out the rain

Galway Medieval section

Waiting in line at a fish n chips place

Ferro Rocher Ice Cream…. That’s right, Yum

Irish Coffee

We spent the day in Ireland today. Tim from the college took us up and showed us around a couple galleries, one of which was especially cool because it is run entirely by artists and was started basically in a living room and is now in the city. We also got to see some studio spaces just outside the city in a space that has made available cheap studios to rent with some basic equipment available. It really makes you think about what it would take to get something together like that around where I live. The communities that have formed are close and extremely beneficial for one another. We did get a few hours to wander ourselves in the medieval/ tourist section of the city. It was fun to wander the streets and do a little shopping, see the sights, and have some fish n chips. I also ended up at the meeting place a little early so I ducked into one of the pubs (it was raining quite steadily just then) and had some delicious Irish coffee.


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