Good Studio Day

Today was a good day. I got up early, walked to school before anyone was there, spent some time in the darkroom developing the large format I shot last night, printed one small test print from my 35mm toy camera (square neg), and then spent a lot of the morning scanning in the negs I have so far. So that meant this afternoon, once we were done with the artist presentation (Tim is just amazing), I got to print out a small trial version of all the things I’ve worked on so far. Its exciting to finally see some of it (I’ve been waiting a few days to scan) and hopefully actually seeing it in my studio will help me narrow my direction even more and lead me towards some good finished work. Right now I’ve got to write my artist statement which is due Thursday and start researching a few artists for the paper that is due. It sounds like a lot to do, so I’m gonna go and leave you with these studio shots.

Detail of my idea exploring the cracks (grykes) of the limestone pavement.

Right Studio View

Left Studio View

Exploring the walls of Ireland

Shooting the rocks as a landscape or topography

Wide view of grykes project.

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