Perfect Weather

Meg, Julia and Ben, celebrating victory on top of the mountain

Beginning the climb

Cotton ball clouds over Ballyvaughn

Climbing over walls is a national past time.

This morning was class with Martina, then lunch (leek and potato casserole) and since it was absolutely beautiful out and there’s no guarantee of when that could happen again, our studio sessions were canceled on the condition that we do something outside. Several people hadn’t climbed the mountain yet and wanted to go so I tagged along. It was blue skies, puffy white clouds and gentle breezes the whole way! Wendy, and Sara only came up the first bit along the road and decided to turn back, so Meg, Julia (another  residency artist) and I made our way to the top. It was beautiful as usual and well worth the trip to see the pavement and the stone walls that cover the top. Tonight I’ll be working on some more research for the paper I have to write. Fun fun! Tomorrow I’ll spend the morning in the library (they have a very old copy of the Book of Kells that I need to check out!) researching some more, then the afternoon will be spent with Tim Jones circulating in our studios.


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