On Walls and such.

So, part of my work is focused on the walls here. Dry Stone Walls (no mortar involved, just skill) run everywhere through the outdoors and up over the top of the mountains. It seems that nowhere was beyond the reach of exuberant farmers sectioning off their patch of earth and making sure their cows, sheep or goats didn’t stray too far. They’re beautiful structures unto themselves and impressive feats of using what the land has. However, in my travels I started to think about them and ended up relating them more to the power lines of Jersey’s landscape than anything else: its necessary for the way society operates and they’ve become part of the landscape. However, I feel that at the moment when we accept them as a part of the “wilderness”/landscape we’ve crossed a dangerous line that just leads to further acceptance of adjusting nature. The walls I’m photographing are shot to blot out the landscape and impose on the viewer.

“Looking North From Capannawalla
something like that will be the title
try to imagine this 60×80 inches

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