ok, one week to go, and its actually wednesday that we have our crits, leaving the last couple days for cleaning up and stuff. So I spent all day in the studio, doing some digital work, working out some text and printing in the darkroom. After spending all of yesterday working on the paper (Contemporary Approaches to Deadpan Photography), I’m pretty beat. I’m excited for the week though because it feels like things might be pulling together. I’ll post some pics (horrible and blurry ones unfortunately) from my studio to show you what I’ve been working on. I’ll have to actually shoot with my good camera or scan some of the prints when I go to put stuff up on my website, but for now this is good.
The weather over the last couple days has been more or less what I expected the whole time to be, rainy, cool, and windy. Its nice though, we got three weeks of incredible weather and now we get to experience the norm. I like it just fine, you just always have to go out prepared like a scout.

Searching for seaglass before the tide comes back in

Saturday morning breakfast at a local cafe with meg and kelley. I  had a scone with raspberry jam and cream, and a espresso macchiatto. It was all delicious.

10 inch silver print from the cliffs on Inis Mor.

Double exposure landscape from my toy camera

A nearly double exposure from Inis Mor.

My Wall of Brainstorming.

I got close to some sheep today, they were on the path when I walked home.

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