Night and Day

Last night I took a cool walk with sara down to a lake that there had been a banshee sighting at around 30 years ago. It was down some narrow country lanes in the middle of nowhere and it was just getting dark when we were exploring, so it was nice and creepy. No sightings of anything, but some cool photos. On the way back we went into an ancient and very creepy graveyard that had some huge old tombstones, complete with startling birds, hovering bats, and creaking gates. Anyway, good times. On to the not so good times…
So, I won’t drag you into the details, but I really feel like I didn’t get much done in the studio and we had to talk to a visiting artist that just didn’t get it (and didn’t seem to really want to get it), so that was discouraging but I’m working on trying to power through and take the bits from her that were useful. I do need to still make the message clearer, but aesthetically I’m on the right track. Just need to wrap it up in the next couple days.

The Banshee Lake


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