Night Sites

So, after the Banshee lake night I was inspired to go exploring more last night. I wandered down a long country lane for a while until it opened up into a massive open field. It had a great view, but was a little creepy by the time I was leaving. Tonight, Meg and I went back to the Banshee lake and we found something cool. We were at the lakes edge when we heard an odd kind of howling from the woods behind us. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw……A black horse standing in the bushes, staring at us. And then out of nowhere a white spotted horse walked out of the woods and right up to us. Meg said she thinks they were protecting us. Anyway, good night of fun exploring.

The White Horse that wandered out of the woods to protect us.

The field at the end of the lane

Dark and stormy night

dark and stormy night 2

One thought on “Night Sites

  1. I love the horse picture.
    10% quizzical – why is it a Dalmatian horse?
    10% creepy – it looks a little like what the headless horseman would ride.
    80% breathtaking – i love the shadows, the pose and the contrast of white/darkness.

    Overall, one of my favorites on the blog.

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