Final Show!

Today was the last day of our class with Martina. The last couple days were talking a lot about McLuhan and how everything he said can still relate to new media being developed. I’m pretty convinced that a robot army or a zombie army is being formed as we speak. Anyway, this was our last afternoon to work and finish things up. Then from four to six we had an open studio where we had cleared everything out and had a miniature opening with all the stuff we had produced. I feel good about what I have. It is by no means complete, but that is something for me to focus on over the next couple weeks. I really found myself enjoying working in response to being in the land for more extended periods. I think I will have to incorporate that more directly into my practice. Anyway, tomorrow is our final crit with Martha and our group in the morning, then it’ll be cleaning up and packing. It’s been an incredible experience and I think it really brought be to a good place.


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