Talking with Joel Fisher

Joel Fisher visited our studios today. I had a nice, but short conversation with him about my work out of the Burren. It is always good to hear some fresh perspective and get a wider range of reaction. He was able to talk to me about my possible thesis topics and he made some interesting suggestions for study. He picked up on the notion of External Information (Think david farrell Innocent Landcapes) and Information Heirarchy (as exemplified by Brother Stroop). It will of course need to get better refined and delineated in my work, but it’s a good starting place for thought and research. On a side note, Joel started off his career making paper as art, which I have been quite interested in recently. Its always fun to see some idea you’ve had already played with by someone else, as long as you didn’t have the notion that it was an original thought to begin with. I do not have such delusions.


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