Last Day

So, today we had a dry run crit with paul in preparation for our very important review tomorrow.  Its a little nerve-racking, but I know what my work is about and I’ve got some solid work to back up what I say, so I’m not scared, just a little nervous about the process in general.  
Today was a crazy day, running around tying up loose ends and making things work. I had to run to a mom-and-pop hardware store for a special epoxy that would bond with plexiglass so I could rig a hanging mechanism to the back of two prints. I had to trim the plexi edges off one mounted print, I had to figure out how to hang the panels in front of them….. and there was a lot of cleaning, rearranging, and general disorder. But, I got it all done, it looks good (I’m kinda sad that two of my things ended up in the hallway, but they’ll look good at our sneak peek show coming up on august 27th). I think this was a really productive summer for me, not just work wise, but also methodologically and academically. We’ll see what parts of it really carry over into my next body of work, but I’m quite happy for now.
Wish me luck tomorrow, I’ll be there all day.
Two 90×75 inch prints with a digital title in the middle.

A 36×29 inch print of an intense landscape with a hanging panel in front of it

A second print in the same vein as the one before. 

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