my work in the Sneak Peek show

So, the show is up and it looks good. It was good practice to see some work all the way through from concept to “finished work”, even though I know there are things left unresolved with what’s up on the wall. Still, I’m happy with the direction.
I am excited already for the path this semester is taking. I’m underway as a TA in intermediate photography with Jim Johnson, and I expect to learn and teach a lot. I’ve just met my first time with my mentor, Fred Herr. I liked our first conversation and look forward to the rest of the semester with him. His first assignment is what I knew was coming and is the only really logical step. I have to really solidify my goal and my direction. It doesn’t have to be in cement and detailed, but it has to be solid enough so we aren’t flying blind. After all, how could I really evaluate what I’m doing if I don’t have any clearly stated goals to measure it against? Anyway, I’m still finding that this is the hardest part for me (and fred said it is for most artists). I have no problem in making things, interesting looking things that show technical ability, but in the long run they don’t hold water because they have no clear goal or link from one to the next. I need my theme, under which everything either succeeds or fails.
For a long time now I’ve been a “nature photographer” but I’m finding out that is a tough title to have as a contemporary artist. It’s just to easy to make “pretty” pictures, or at least for them to be seen that way. Maybe if I want the audience to look at a beautiful scene and get anything else from it, photography is not the right solution. I am also finding that one issue I’ve cast aside for years now is that while I am concerned with nature, an integral part of that concern is people’s relationship with it. And really, the nature side of things is secondary to that relationship. My photos almost always lack people, maybe that’s about to change.
Anyway, with the semester underway and a baby on the way in just 6 weeks (!) I’m wanting to cross a few things off my list and nail down a direction. Maybe I’ll look up some shows to enter…


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