Without your stuff, who are you?

Jed is wonderful, and wonderful at taking up an incredible amount of time for a tiny person. But, I have been able to continue working through ideas, deciding where my conceptual footholds need to be, and imagining some visuals that I want to create. I’ve realized one possibility, or rather, re-realized it. Photography is not the only medium. I’ve been drawn to it for years, but I’m thinking that was more out of its technological variations(early/alt. process to current digital frontiers) than my need to use it as a medium. I’m no painter, but to call myself a “photographer” doesn’t feel %100 right either. Anyway, none of that really means anything other than I’m keeping my doors more open than previously.

Cell Light Portrait 1

Cell Light Portrait 2
So I think I’m narrowing my focus in the technological realm. The relationship between technology and identity, and how in many cases they’ve become synonymous is really rich territory to explore. A commercial I’ve seen recently asked the question referring to technology “without your stuff, who are you”? That’s an amazingly bold and telling statement to me pointing out that without our devices, we would cease to be who we are with them. I find that assertion fascinating, sad, and even a little scary. So, narrowing my focus should help things considerably, though the breadth of the subject still feels impossibly broad. Maybe I should focus on one realm of our technological existence at a time.


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