Old School

I was browsing through some old files of mine today (looking for a magazine article I had scanned) when I stumbled upon this scan of a little experiment I had done three years ago. Anyone else notice the similarities in the aesthetic? The fact that I got a very similar look in a physical form to the digital portraits I’ve been working on makes me return to a question I have been mulling over, Should my work be displayed in a “cutting edge” technological way to emphasize the presence of technology? My aversion to that is, one of the questions I am asking is “is all this technology necessary?”. What if I can get the same effect without relying solely on technology?


One thought on “Old School

  1. ha!
    i think you should try experiment with both ways, old school and digital. that way you'll truly get to see and experience how the methods vary. at least try it for one or two and see how it goes.

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