time for some light experimenting

projection on frosted plexi

So, it’s time to start putting some of my brainstorms into a final form. I think “finishing” some stuff will help me move forward, because right now it just feels like a lot of vague ideas with not enough direction. Some of the stuff I try may work, others, not so much, but I think it’s high time I hit production mode.


2 thoughts on “time for some light experimenting

  1. Is this image projected on the wall? That's something to take into consideration when you think about the final visual that we'll see at the show. You seem to be really interested in a projected image as opposed to a printed image. Idk if that's your way of dealing with an issue of print being to expected in photography? Are you trying to stay away from that association? are you trying to avoid that label, photographer, and be viewed as an artist? is there another level you can add to the work in having it projected?

  2. This is projected on a piece of frosted plexi (like the setup I had at school). I am leaning away from prints in at least some of the work as an added facet, but at heart I'm still a photo guy. If I can find the right way to do it I would love to do some big, beautiful prints.

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