Version 1.0 and counting

Here’s the first rendition of a piece I dreamed up a while ago. These are 6 portable dvd player screens each looping a unique video of my face. Honestly I think the final version will include 6 different people, but I’m the cheapest and most available model I know for now. The audio is my voice reading each post of a friend of mine on Facebook. Each video is timed differently, so at times there is silence, while at others all of them are talking, giving it a very conversational feel. Right now I’m envisioning the audio going through headphones, and I’m contemplating messing with the output a little as a further separation between what is being said and what the view can understand. Anyway, there’s a long way to go before it looks polished, but I’m excited that my proof of concept worked.

Oh, and for real this time, my thesis proposal is officially done, so from here on out it all counts towards the final paper. Better get crackin’.


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