Researching Myself

One interesting and perplexing part of digital identity formation is that we are not the only authors of our identity anymore. I’ve been doing work based on what people present themselves as, but I also want to explore what it is people are presenting others as. It is often the case that not only are we not the only contributors to our digital identities, we are also not the primary contributors. Any time someone mentions us or posts a picture with us in it, our identity is altered. Thus, people are forced into constant monitoring of the Net for unfriendly portrayals. Of course, Facebook gives you the ability to “untag” stuff, but all that does is remove your name, it doesn’t stop people from recognizing you. Over the past hour I’ve been combing through photos that I didn’t take and I didn’t post that are of me. In just that short preliminary search I found 128 images.
We are not the only ones writing our own stories anymore.


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