State of the Thesis

I have two weeks until the final 6 week push to graduation, written thesis, and the thesis show. I feel like I’m in a solid place. I have one series of work in a solid situation, just thinking about details about presentation and stuff like that. Other work that will be in the show… I have many many ideas (3 or 4 pages of ideas to be exact) but of those I suppose only a handful are possible, and concisely fit within what I’ve already made. I’ve realized that while I want to use this show to let people see that I am an artist who may favor photography, but is constantly stretching into new areas that express what I am saying, I also must show that I can make a concise, clear, yet compelling body of work. I don’t want to appear scattered or unfocused, but I have to at the same time avoid making all the work one note. It is appearing to be more and more of a challenge with such a broad thesis topic to make sure my work is on point but still not overly simplified. And on the other hand I am still writing, or at this point more just fine tuning. I just finished reading through it with a fine tooth comb, figuring out what needs to be changed or reworked, and I gotta say, I’m pretty happy. It could never be an all encompassing document (could any really?) but I think it effectively communicates the breadth and importance of the overall topic, the specifics that I am most interested in, and how my work begins to problematize our digital status quo.

And as a side note, I decided to make my own Social Self-Portrait. Its funny that most of the images used are from Ireland, so I guess I wore a lot of the same thing and posed in the same way, because they lined up very easily.

Social Self-Portrait


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