Return from a Brief Hiatus

Ok, I’m back into real life now and its time to start up my art brain again after having temporarily decommissioned it post graduation. But I had my rest and am now used to the daily routine of things enough to start working my practice into it (part of which includes maintaining this blog if for nothing else than to keep me consistently involved in thinking and producing something).

So really the big question is, now what? I have my terminal degree, the sky is the limit, and yet there are times that the limitations are all I feel, of money, time, and practicality. One thing that I am working on is applying for a Fulbright research grant. I’m still working out the details, and I have 1 month to get the details sorted and everything turned in, but I want to apply if for nothing else than the experience of taking all those steps. My wife is actually applying for the english teaching Fulbright as well, so we’re doubling our chances just to see if there is anything there for us. It seems like it could be now or never, so we might as well take a shot, right. In addition, I’m making it my goal to find one good Fellowship/Grand opportunity that I can apply to in the fall. We wrote one for a class this summer, which I may still send in, but I think there may be better fits that will serve me better, so I’m gonna keep my eyes and ears open for the right opportunities.

Finally, I want to produce some work. And, since ultimately I want people to see what I produce, I’ve got my sights on a few shows that I am making work towards. Right now I am in the early stages of development, but I am building off some of the ideas and imagery of my thesis, and just continuing to push myself and the concept through interesting territory, hopefully hitting on some great work and opportunity to show along the way. I’ll be throwing out some ideas as I post about what I’m thinking, where I’m going, and ultimately what I want to communicate.
In the mean time, here are some images of me during the final Thesis presentation/defense.

Presentation of my Written Thesis (despite what looks like an empty auditorium, there were more than 30 people there, it was fun)

Sara Gersbach and I talking about my #foodsunsetcats video piece.

Introducing my visual thesis to the crowd.

Q & A from the thesis panel


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