Thesis Show Completed

On monday I broke down the Thesis show that had been up since graduation. It was a little surreal. Am I really DONE with school? Forever?! Surely that can’t be true. How does Dr. Panter sound to you? Then again, it’s a huge relief not having school work and reading to be doing. Now it’s just the daily task of using what I’ve learned being an artist, a professional artist. Essentially this requires me assigning my own projects, getting friends to critique and give feedback, and then finding some outlets for the work.
I’ve gotta continue to read too. I think I’ll start with all those non-mandatory articles and books that were suggested over the past few years since my professors were a fairly smart bunch. Rebecca Dubay (a simply fantastic teacher) gave me a chapter excerpt from Laura Mulvey’s Death 24x a Second which is first on my list. Then I think I want to reread at a slower pace Barthes’ Camera Lucida and Cartier-Bresson’s The Mind’s Eye. That should be a good start for some back to the basics photography reading as well as a semi recent analysis of video.
One thing that I’m really excited about is that I’m still staying in touch with my classmates. 2 and a half years is a long time and they’re all good friends, but it would be easy to get self involved and just forgetful, neglecting the bonds we’ve made. So, it really is a priority to keep up that community feel that we were so lucky to develop. I really think they are one of the best resources that I came away with from grad school.
Lastly, I’m including some installation shots for those of you who didn’t get to see the work. Hopefully I’ll have another opportunity to show some of it elsewhere in the not too distant future.

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