Applications, Exhibits & Experiments, Oh My!

About a month ago I was feeling like I wasn’t getting anything done but now it seems that everything is happening at once. It was great to get into the faculty show at Camden County College and that lit my fire to get some more work out in the world before Christmas. So just last night I submitted some work, and there are one or two more open calls that I’d like to submit to, all of which have due dates in the next week or so. Also, I’ve been working on my job applications for next fall at a couple colleges around the country, which also all happen to be due starting in the next week or so. And finally, I’ve been really needing to produce some new work, not just a continuation of earlier work, so I finally got some materials in hand that let me get experimenting. The idea I’m working with still stems out of my Social Portrait series, essentially using much of the same imagery, but as usual I always begin feeling discontent with the flatness of my final prints. The two-dimensionality becomes overbearing to my vision. Maybe that is a product of the fact that I am staring at the images for hours on end as I make them, so the start feeling old and static only to my eyes, but at any rate, I enjoy the challenge of introducing physical space, depth and object-ness to my prints. I did just a small scale test to start with on 4×5 pieces of glass, but I now plan on scaling up to 8×10. I’m still working out how deep I want to make the pile of glass (or piles) and how I want to display them (possibly involving building some light boxes). Anyway, there is still much to be worked out amidst all the details of submitting work and applying to Colleges, but I think it is all complimentary work.

side view of my stack of images on glass

top view

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