Work at Rutgers

Today I visited Rutgers to talk in a “Artists in Society” class, essentially giving my experience post – undergrad as well as talking about the progression of my work from undergrad through grad school. I talked, answered some questions… it was really fun. When I think about how much I didn’t know and hadn’t even thought about when I was in their shoes, I know that there is a lot of information I have that could help them out. I was invited by the professor, Ken Hohing, (my mentor from my Rutgers years) and hopefully I’ll return in a few weeks to help in a guest critique of one of his advanced photography classes. 
I also have some work up at Rutgers right now in the main lobby of the Library. Bruce Garrity asked to use my work and hopefully it will be up until the summer at least. Included is a piece from the collection of the Stedman Gallery and one from the Camden County Cultural Heritage Commision. It is work that I did while a senior at Rutgers, so it’s not as exciting as having current work up, but still it’s nice to be recognized. They even wrote a little bio about me. So, if you’re in the neighborhood of RU, check it out.

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