Making Work

I’ve forsaken my blog over the summer (and then some), but that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle, and I’m pleased to report some progress in two areas. First, I got accepted as a Creative Quarterly 32 Runner-Up. Now, this is clearly not as exciting as being a finalist, but it does still mean my work gets included in the website gallery, which is always nice, and definitely makes submitting feel worth it. I’ll get ‘em next time. The work isn’t up yet, but I’ll post a link to it once it is.

Thinking about submitting to shows like this always creates a conundrum for me. They always want you to submit work in specific categories, in this case, Art, Photography, or Illustration. When I see this I just scratch my head… so photography is not art? Does this mean they only want commercial photography in this category and anything else is just blanket labeled “art”? Or is art painting, drawing (not illustration) and sculpture, and work that used a camera is photography? It just gets so confusing, especially with some of my work that is anything but traditional photography yet in no way could claim to be a painting (or rather, in no way do I claim it). Anyway, there is no answer I suppose, just an interesting little mind game I play by myself when I submit work and it makes me wonder if others have the same issue.

Secondly,  wanted to post some new work that is in process. I’ve started shooting a portrait series (only one model so far) still focusing on the unique definition that digital culture gives humanity. I don’t know how many portraits I’ll do or even if I’ll follow thru with the series more than a few shots, since I’ll just have to wait and see what is successful (or not). But it feels really good to be editing some photos that I took as opposed to ones that I collected. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved the direction of my thesis, but I think I’ve been longing to really produce something myself, and I’m on the right track. So, take a look and the beginning stage, there are a couple other shots I want to edit and see which I like best.

Finally, I have been revisiting some ideas I had jotted down in my final semester that I didn’t have time to really explore, but wanted to pursue in the future. I think one or two of them are interesting enough to bear some fruit. Hopefully I’ll bring tidings of that work soon.

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