Been Busy…

So, I’ve been busy. It doesn’t always feel like I’m getting much done, but every once in a while I get the chance to take a step back and look at what I actually have going for me or in the works, and recently, I’ve been impressing myself a little. Of course, I can take little credit for a good part of it, but still, it feels nice to be going “somewhere”, wherever that may be.
Not too long ago I was included in Creative Quarterly 32’s digital gallery (still viewable here) for one of my “Social Portait” series works. Just recently I got work into a little show at 110 Church Gallery in Philly called Ritual (see my work here).I’ll be going to either the first friday opening on the 6th or the Artist Reception on the 14th. (Also, Melissa has a collaborative project with her students in the show. YAY!) I’ve got two shows I’ll be working towards submitting to in the near future as well, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
But that’s not all. I was invited by Rutgers to take part in an arts residency in a Camden school. The project is photography and textile based and will end up permanently installed in the school entryway. It’s an awesome opportunity and I’m super excited to get started next week. As an added bonus, Rutgers has a second residency opportunity in the works, so hopefully I’ll get two under my belt before too long.
And last but certainly not least, I was asked to write curriculum for two online classes that, should they get approved, I would teach at Rutgers. I have one of the curriculums already submitted, and the other is in the works. I have no idea of the time frame for approval, but I think both would be for the fall semester.
So, that’s what going on for me. Staying busy.


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