Residency in a Camden School

So, I’ve been working away in my residency at a North Camden elementary and middle school. I really didn’t know what to expect going in. I had heard accounts of similar public school experiences from other artists, but nothing can substitute direct interaction. So, I made plans as best I could, knowing that things would have to be altered along the way, but hoping that at least some of the intent of the project would make it through to the final piece. That intent was to have on display in the school, something that not only showed the student’s handiwork, but also the students themselves. In a way having the students take ownership of the space on a longer-term basis than even their own enrollment. And so, the project I generated in collaboration with the two art teachers in the school involved photographing the student’s acting out what their dream was. It could have been a job, an accomplishment, or just something they wanted to learn, but the hope was that in thinking about their futures, they would in turn be lead to think about what steps they would need to take to actually accomplish their goal.

The project isn’t quite finished, so I’ll have to post more photos as we go, but I wanted to first share with you some of the raw photos of the dreams being acted out, before we worked on them as a part of the project.

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