An Accidental Quilter

working on the final layout

I’ve been steadily working on my residency project (the class visits are done, now I’m working on the final assembly). Pretty much this whole time I’ve been thinking of it as a photography project that involved fabric, drawing, even some sewing, and I normally referred to the final product as a wall hanging or tapestry. I am here to inform you today, that it is officially a quilt. I spent hours today making sure that each piece of fabric was a nine and a half inch square with straight edges (with hopes of taking it easy on my modest sewing skills). Then I spent a good amount of time figuring out and laying out the pattern I will use. So there you have it. I didn’t intend it to happen and I don’t even know when it did. But I have officially become a quilter… of sorts.

rotary cutters really can be an artist’s best friend

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