Kickstarter Thanks: Round 1

Well, my project has been live for 5 days and its already 72% funded! This is so exciting, but there’s still more to go, so if you’re interested in supporting my project and getting some great rewards, go do it now.

And now, I’ve got some big thanks to give out.

  • Ashley Blair
  • David W. White
  • James J. Brown Jr.
  • Laura Petrovich-Cheney
  • Philip Roberts

Thank you all so much for supporting me and my project. You all are making this happen and I can’t be grateful enough! Thank you!

I also wanted to give an extra special shout out to my friends Laura Petrovich-Cheney and Philip Roberts.
Laura is a fellow New Jersey Artist and a former classmate of mine at Moore. I highly recommend checking out her blog at
Phil is also a friend of mine and a small business owner here in South Jersey. If you’re a fan of handmade, real wood tables and other furniture I recommend checking out what he has to offer at


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