The Details

Organizing oversized negatives in the print shop

Well, I’m in the final countdown for real now. Less than a week before I’m off on a wonderful and unfortunately quick adventure in which I will produce the beginnings of a new body of work in cyanotype. I really can’t wait to be up there at Artscape Gibraltar point in Toronto, making work, enjoying the space and place, and generally making the most of  my time there. I’m  happy that my wife and son are able to join me (which was a mandatory requirement for all the residencies we looked at) and very excited to be spending some time with my friend and former classmate, Meg Hine. We’ll be sharing a studio (just like the good ‘ol days in Ballyvaughan) and working on our own projects, but hopefully there will be some collaboration either during the residency or at least definitively planned. The opportunity is fantastic, and now I’m just laying the groundwork to make the most of it.

Printing oversized negatives

Part of my prep process is shooting, printing and preparing the negatives I will use. Over the past month I’ve been collecting my images and finally in the past week I was able to finalize my selection, and get the oversized negatives printed out (36×45 inches each). In the next day or two I need to oil the negatives to make them more transparent.

I also recently received my shipment of cyanotype coated fabric. I had ordered a 3 yard by 7 yard piece which I then cut into roughly 36×45 inch pieces. I need to hang them up for a few days to remove as many of the wrinkles as possible, but other than that they are ready to go. (As a side note, I was completely inspired by the size and relative cheapness of the giant piece of sensitized fabric I ordered! It really means that it is possible for a photographer to make original work at mural scale without going broke too quickly.)

Coating papers with cyanotype chemicals

I’ve also been working on getting prepared for all the rewards related to my kickstarter campaign I’ll be working on while in residence. I recently cut and coated all the 5×7 notecards I’ll be making prints on (they’re all drying in my bathroom right now). I’m very excited for all my plans, including the rewards.

And just a reminder, I do plan on posting several times on this blog during the residency, so please follow along to get a feel for my experience.

And as a final note, I’m wondering what my wife, Meg and I should read/listen to/discus on the way up and back. Any suggestions?

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