The Return Journey

We made the return trip yesterday, arriving home at 10:30. We were able to stop for a couple hours at Niagra and check out the falls amidst the crowds.
There are a lot of nice things about being in one’s own home again, but in general I’m pretty sad about having to leave the island. There were a lot of great things about Artscape, one of which is of course just the beauty of the place. But there was also the time to be only an artist and not pulled in a million direction, as well as spend time in a community where serious art was happening. There were authors, musicians and visual artists of all kinds diligently making the most of their time in residence. In fact, most of them were staying h for at least 2 weeks, and some much more (a fact of which I am quite jealous… Sigh..)

Well, i guess what i can take aeay from this is that its really now just up to me to make things happen. (this is what 
Meg and i were talking about on the return drive). A residency in some ways makes art easy (it also increases the pressure a bit
) so it is when you return to normal life that the work begins, the work of maintaining a practice despite the hectic pace of the every day. Still, i am grateful for this reminder in the form of a residency that art needs to carry a high priority in my life and for creating a bit of a fresh jumping off point for future work.


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