Year’s End Looming

It is absolutely crazy how quickly this semester has gone. It seems like I’ve barely spent any time with my black and white photography students, and suddenly there are only 4 weeks of class left! Not that they (and I) haven’t been working like crazy. I think I just forgot that is how it feels for a once a week class. But I’m proud of the work they’re starting to produce and I think I can expect great things as we gear up to the final project.

I am also excited to announce that I am listed on an Art Appreciation class for the Spring semester at BCC. I’ve never taught a class like this before, so it should be a learning experience. And even though I’m pretty sure I’ll always prefer studio classes, I am looking forward to what that new experience will bring. I am also hopeful that another Black and White Photography class will open up at BCC, and supposedly an online class that I proposed for Rutgers is going to be listed as well. Right now I’ve just started a 6 week online class training course using Blackboard. All this to say, if all of this goes through, I’m up for a busy next semester.

Recently I’ve been putting in a little time towards figuring out where I could apply for my next residency. I’ve been checking out the residencies offered in various national parks across the country and have decided to apply for a few. The first one (which I’ve already submitted) is for Rocky Mountain National Park’s centennial celebration. I’m also considering applying to Mesa Verde and Isle Royale, along with a couple others that seem like they could be a good fit. Wish me luck.

Finally, I’ve recently been in a exhibition with some fellow Moore Alumnae at the MC3 Gallery in Blue Bell, PA. It is an awesome space and I was really excited about being able to show some of the work from my Toronto residency. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the opening, but they’ve sent a few shots that hopefully give a little sense of the gallery and my work.

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