A Show and a Jury

I was recently in the Faculty and Alumni show at the BCC Student Gallery (if you haven’t been, it’s a really nice space, right on the main street of Mount Holly). I had several pieces in, some of which were quite a bit older, from before grad school even. But, lo and behold, one of them sold! In all honesty, I had all my work priced to sell (because storing artwork is not as much fun as making new work) but it’s always nice to be appreciated in monetary form. I am especially glad to see this piece go because it is a huge pain to cart around.

It is on of the ones from my “wild NJ” series, and measures around 70 inches wide. I am a big fan of the panoramic effect and of the tones I managed to portray, but getting it in and out of a car was a real trick. So, we are happily parted.

I also was recently asked to jury the “Best of 2015” show at the Student Works Gallery of Rutgers. It is really an honor to be asked and a lot of fun to do. It was my first time jurying via digital images, which did make some decisions more challenging, but in general it was a great experience. Then, yesterday I went to the opening, got to see the work in the space in person, and announce the awards. The students who are currently running the gallery are doing a great job, and I can’t say enough good about Ken Hohing and Bruce Garrity who are the faculty advisors for the gallery. They’re really great at helping students get the most out of their experience. I am very grateful to them for their guidance  and investment through my college years and I hope I can do the same for my students.

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