Kickstarter Thank You #1

It’s been 5 days and you’ve already brought me so far! 8 backers and 37% funded is such a fantastic start. It also feels great that this group is a mix of friends, family, backers from my last project, and people who just discovered the project. So, I’d like to thank them all right now, and keep in mind all my backers will be also be thanked in the ebook I produce (and distribute as a reward to all backers) and in the photo book that is a reward.

Thank You

Jane Panter
Peter Classetti
Jim Diericks
Sue Satterthwaite
Jason Galloway
Lisa Riefer
Ken Hohing

I really appreciate you all getting this project rolling and supporting me in this artistic venture. I couldn’t do it without you. If you know anyone else who you think might be interested in backing the project, please send them the link. Let’s spread this far and wide together!
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