Fully Funded Kickstarter Project


Fully funded for a residency in colorado

My Kickstarter campaign is now 100% funded, and it’s all thanks to my generous backers. The time was starting to wind down, I was beginning to get a little nervous, but then several backers jumped in and propelled me across the finish line! This is so exciting and encouraging to have you all on board.

Kickstarter 100% funded
So, I’d like to thank my most recent backers for supporting me in my residency project.
Jim & Ann Panter
Kelly Budesa
Neysa Hardin
Tom Panter
Robbie Reynolds

Thank you all so much (and all my earlier backers too!), I couldn’t do this without you.

Also, remember that I’ll have very limited connection to the internet during the residency, but I’ll do my best to do several updates during my time there to keep you all up to speed on the latest. It’s coming up soon, I’m so excited to begin!


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