The Journey Begins

Very early tomorrow morning I will be setting off for Colorado and the residency that awaits at Rocky Mountain National Park. I am so blessed to have the opportunity (and not just me, my wife and son are coming along as well) and now my mind is racing to figure out how to make the most of the time. I of course have some planned projects, ideas for images I’d like to make and some experiments I’d like to try, but at the same time I know I need to leave myself and my time open for a slow, measured response to whatever the park presents while I’m there. So rather than having projects as a goal, I am instead focusing on how I can settle in, and live as part of the park. I will not be busy or hurried. Rather, I will be observant and responsive.

I’m so excited to be starting this journey (even the 4 day drive). I plan to post as often as possible while in the park, to keep you up to date with my experience.

My 2 weeks begin on Sunday.


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